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Water Diversion Completed


  • Karen Worthington on 2017-Sep-18 07:53:45 Karen Worthington said

    Drainage dip is on the left and the trail is on the right. This is right before the AT enters lower Chestnut Ridge's field.

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  • The Seven Sisters in the Background - Stony Fork is in the Valley
  • On road 621 looking at Brushy Mountain
  • A Beautiful Morning in the Appalachian Mountains
  • Dave Faucette standing on the AT - prior to water dainage dip reconstruction
  • Water Diversion Completed
  • Geocatche Box South of Chestnut Ridge
  • Sam checking out the contents of the Geocatche
  • Last Entry on the Log was a Few Days Prior to 16Sep2017
  • In the woods just below Chestnut Ridge looking South

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