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View of Katahdin from Abol Bridge - Jim Chambers


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  • Bill Boudman, Bill Medlin, John Hartpence, Tempest and Shakori take a luch break while clearing the vista between Cumbos and Settlers Museum. - Dean Kanipe
  • Bill Medlin, Kevin Mar, Bill Boudman, and Valerie Hurt make plans for the day before going out on the September 21, 2002 worktrip. - Gordon Burgess
  • The crew slowly starts to remove the old roof from the Chatfield privy.  June 18, 2002 - Linda Robinson
  • Bob Sloan and Jim Chambers celebrate Bob completing the AT on Katahdin in July 2002 after nine years of section hiking. - Jim Chambers
  • View of Katahdin from Abol Bridge - Jim Chambers
  • Dredging pebbles from the creek<br>Many buckets of pebbles were used in the wall at Chatfield (June 2002) - Margaret Wainwright
  • Months of tedious planning by Andrew Mitchell and Bill Medlin pay off as the roof on the Chatfield privy is secured and ready to raise.  June 18, 2002 - Linda Robinson
  • New Chatfield Privy!<br>Construction is complete! Privy at Chatfield Shelter. June 21, 2002 - Linda Robinson
  • PATH/WTA work crew on the Bogachiel River Trail Barry, Bobby and Andrew take a rare
break from doing trailwork along
the rocky banks of the Bogachiel
- Bill Sunderland

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