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The Chatfield privy is ready for major remodeling. June 18, 2002 - Linda Robinson


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  • The Trailboss sets icebergs in front of new rock wall at Chatfield Shelter.  June 22, 2002 - Linda Robinson
  • The Chatfield privy is ready for major remodeling. June 18, 2002 - Linda Robinson
  • Chatfield Work Crew Last fall, boss Andy Mitchell took his minions to work on his beloved Chatfield shelter. They paused long enough to take a picture. - Will Burke
  • Billy Bob Atop Trail<br>Billy Bob atop the highest portion of our hike in the Olympics, August 2002. - Kevin Mar
  • Dutch Craftmanship. Look at the skilled rock work of Jeroen and Chris Droogh, Dutch members of PATH and John Jaskolka, Marine of PATH. The washout was caused by a deluge earlier this year. Composite by C. Kawanishi - Jeroen Droogh
  • A group of PATH members volunteered to take pledges during a WUNC TV  (PBS) fundraising drive. As usual PATH members were the most notable and had a great time. It was good publicity for our great club. - Clint Kawanishi
  • In July 2002, PATH joined with the Washington Trails Association to re-route a stretch of the Bogachiel River Trail in the Olympic National Park. - Bill Sunderland
  • Outside Sugar Grove Diner<br>Clint, Karen, Bill, Andy, Parthena, and Marie outside the diner at Sugar Grove on the April 2002 worktrip. - Dean Kanipe
  • PATH Winter Hikers. Andy, Billy Bob, Bill Blaster, Bobby and I were fortunate enough to get a good amount of snow on our hike to McAfee Knob. We enjoyed the snow, chef Billy's and apprentice chef Andy's cooking. Bill Blaster also did a credible job wit...

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