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Davis Path Shelter

Do not know the year. Chinking along wall logs is partly done. When were those steps replaced?
In March 2008, the shelter was removed & the floor was left for use as a tent pad.
Note the large tree partly hidden by the front overhang. In July 2012 It was blown down across the remaining floor.


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  • Club member, Ann Ramsey shows off our new fence at the Davis Family Cemetery. August-2012.
  • Partnership Shelter
  • Chatfield Shelter 2011
  • Davis Path Shelter
  • July 2012 storm damage to Davis Path shelter floor/tent pad.
  • 27 inch tree on Davis Path tent pad.  We are going to rebuild the shelter.  Donations accepted.
  • Chestnut Knob Shelter.
  • Chestnut Knob Shelter
  • Chestnut knob shelter in fog

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