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Piedmont Appalachian Trail Hikers

PATH always welcomes new members. Please join us today.

PATH Membership

Can't wait to join? See our Online Membership Application, but you might want to read some of the following first.

Tax Tip Reminder

PATH is a 501 (c) (3) charity, so membership dues and donations are tax deductible.

Be aware that those of you driving your own vehicle to PATH work trips can deduct the roundtrip mileage from your home to the work site at a rate of $0.14/mile (every little bit helps).

PATH members are from all walks of life with diverse educational, occupational, and cultural backgrounds. Our membership includes 8-year-olds, 80-years-olds, and all ages in between. On each PATH volunteer weekend, you'll meet families participating together, couples, and individuals, all of whom enjoy the outdoors and want to do something to preserve its beauty for future generations. PATH's volunteers live in North Carolina, Virginia, and as far away as the state of Washington. However, most members reside in Central North Carolina between Charlotte and Raleigh.

PATH's main activity is trail maintenance on the 70 miles of trail assigned to us by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). This maintenance includes trail clearing and repair, blaze painting, repair and upkeep of of footbridges, shelters, privies, trail relocation, and removal of blown down trees, cutting weeds, and briars from the tread way.

Some of this work is strenuous, and activities such as operating a chain saw in the forest are potentially dangerous. However, we have tasks that are suitable for members of all strengths and dispositions. For example, a chain sawyer will need someone to carry a small can of gasoline for his saw. Or, while some members may operate weed eaters to clear brush and briars, others will use loppers to trim small branches that overhang the trail. Members make their own decisions about the tasks they are able to perform, members are never required to perform any task with which they are not comfortable.

PATH's membership numbers about 200, and about half of those members will attend at least one volunteer weekend or event each year. Even if you're not able to attend work trips often -- or at all -- we still welcome you as a member. Your dues payment helps support our work and we are always grateful for your participation.

Other activities

  • We participate in ATC activities and functions.
  • Members schedule hikes and backpacking trips both on the AT an on other trails.
  • Members can learn more about trails, protection of the environment, trail building techniques, chain saw use, and wilderness first aid through classes and workshops offered periodically through the year.
  • We often plan a communal meal -- potluck or cookout -- in conjunction with our volunteer weekends.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to the Members section of the PATH web site, which includes, a membership directory, archives of the PATH-List e-mail discussion group, and other information reserved for members.
  • Keep informed of club activities through PATH-List, our e-mail discussion group.
  • The chance to "give something back" by helping to keep the AT the grandfather of long-distance trails.
  • Free camping in National Forest campgrounds during volunteer weekends.
  • Tuition assistance for safety related courses such as Wilderness First Aid First Aid/CPR and Chain Saw Certification.
  • Dozens of opportunities each year to get out into the mountains.
  • The chance to meet, socialize, and work with like-minded people who care about the environment.

How to Join

Joining PATH is easy and inexpensive.

PATH's annual membership dues are $20.00 for an individual, $25.00 for a family, and $15.00 for students. Dues are payable on a calendar year basis.

Membership Renewals

Memberships may be renewed at any time online through PayPal or by mailing a check to the treasurer. Don't forget to update your information in the Inside PATH area if needed.

To renew via PayPal, direct your renewal to

To renew by mail, send your check to:

David Faucette
PATH Treasurer
1105 Hunting Ridge Road
Raleigh, N.C. 27615

Here's how to get started.

  1. Fill out our online membership application.
  2. Send in your dues payment either by mail or online through PayPal.
  3. Join us for our next work trip

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