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Cultural Resource

South Fork of the Holston River Footbridge
VA 670 Two Overlooks looking east to valley
VA 601
Sand Pit Mines
Several Slabtown Manganese Pit Mines(1940s)
Partnership Shelter (1997)
Mount Rogers National Recreation Area Offices, small Museum, and Book Store

VA 16
VA 622

Brushy Mountain Viewpoint
Brushy Mountain USGS Marker (1934)
Louise Chatfield Shelter

VA 615
Lindamood School and Settlers Museum
Phillippi Branch Footbridge
Remains of the Kegley House
Limestone Kilns

VA 729
Middle Fork of the Holston River Footbridge
Norfolk and Western Railroad

VA 683/US 11

Dry Run Bridge & Scenic Boardwalk
Davis Fancy (ca. 1748) Settlement Marker
Davis Family Cemetery

VA 617
Davis Path Tent Pad---no longer a shelter
Reed Creek

VA 610
North Fork of the Holston River Bridge
VA 742
Tilsons Mill (1861)
VA 42
Knot Maul Shelter
Knot Maul Branch Footbridge
Lynn Camp Footbridge
Lick Creek Footbridge

USFS road 222
USGS Marker
Large Pond
Chestnut Knob Shelter (rebuilt 1994)
Chestnut Knob Viewpoint
Garden Mountain Viewpoints
(Vista of Burkes Garden Historic District)
Spring at Walker Gap
Vista of Burkes Garden From Garden Mt.

VA 623
Jenkins Shelter
Laurel Creek Footbridge

VA 615
US 21/52
VA 612

I-77 Bridge

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