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October 1999

The new cribbing at the Lick Creek bridge.

Lick Creek Bridge Repair

At the October worktrip, PATH members concentrated on stabilizing the bridge over Lick Creek, which his about a mile south of FS road 222 in Poor Valley. While several members worked to construct the new cribbing around the bridge support, the rest of the crew waded into Lick Creek to collect hundreds of buckets of rock to be used as fill behind the cribbing. With a large crew pitching in on a beautiful fall day in the woods, the project was completed in early afternoon. (Photos by Tony Roberts)
Collecting rocks in Lick Creek.

Lick Creek Bridge Repair

PATH held their monthly work weekend at Stoney Fork. This weekend was a real treat because Art and Ruby Cushing were at the campground to be with us. They stayed in the new log cabin. We had a great visit with them Thursday night around the campfire.

Bill Boudman, Clint Kawanishi, David John and John Hartpence with Aslan arrived Thursday morning after a great breakfast at Cloverdale Kitchens in Winston. We went to Forest Service and picked up our supplies and went to Stoney Fork to set up camp. We were joined there buy Brandon Saunders. From there it was on to Poor Valley. The fall colors were beautiful. We carried the supplies into Lick Creek. We began to tear down the old frame of the abutment to the bridge. We worked on that until 4:30pm. We then headed back to Stoney Fork. Clint brought up Chili for supper. Parthena made pumpkin bread to go with it. After supper we had a campfire up at the hosts' campsite.

On Friday morning we were up at 5:45am. It was still dark. We went to Va. Heights for a hardy breakfast. We got to Poor Valley after 9am. We went into Lick Creek to prepare the bridge. When we got there we were me by Bobby Bass. Bill went to Sugar Grove to get the generator from Paul D. at Forest Service. He then met Brent Forbis, Herb McDonald and Bill Medlin. They arrived at Lick Creek about 2pm. They went to the area where we held Dawg Days so they would not have as far to pull the generator. By the time the got there the rest of us had finished removing all the old logs from the frame, digging the foundation and bringing the 8 foot and 12 foot beams across the bridge. We got the generator cranked up and were able to lay the first two layers of beams. We worked until 5pm and headed out. When we got back to camp, Linda Francis had prepared a delicious chicken stew. We thoroughly enjoyed that after a hard day in the field. That evening we had a fire at campsite #1.

Saturday we had 12 people go the early breakfast at Va. Heights. We wanted to get to Lick Creek by 9am. We got in to the site and got an early start. Bill Medlin, Brent Forbis, Bill Boudman, Harrison and Ben Marks, Herb McDonald, and John Firebaugh headed up the construction. Bobby Bass was the generator operator. The rest of us were clearing the stream area of rocks and putting them into the foundation. This was truly a union operation. Dean had his two wild ones with him and they were running in and out of the water. We had 30 people working on the bridge. Everyone had their job to do. Believe it or not we were finished by 1:30pm. We finished by having a team photo. This was a wonderful work trip. The leaves were turning and it was like a picture post card setting.

Karen Worthington led her family group on a blazing trip to Chestnut Knob. They went all the way to the second pond.

Last evening for those who didn't go home early Linda Francis and Parthena Martin made another wonderful supper of chicken stew and Cole slaw. We closed out the evening with another blazing campfire.

Sunday morning the rest of us got up early to prepare for the stormy weather ahead. Let's hope that the Hurricane misses us.

Those who attended this work trip were: Barbara Council, Bill Boudman(3), John Hartpence(3), Clint Kawanishi(3), David John(3), Brandon Saunders(3), Bill Medlin(2), Linda Francis(2). Bobby Bass(2), Herb Mcdonald(2), Brent Forbis (2), Walter Trogdon, Doc Branham, David Cassedy (new-Raleigh), Dan Kanipe and dogs, Jeff, Brandon, and Sheila Tysinger, Amy Harmon, Paul Clayton. Kevin Mahr, Parthena Martin, Karen Worthington, Sharon Worthington, Barb Hestor(KW's sister), Uncle Pete(KW), George Cole and Hollie the Collie. Betsy Truscott, Harrison Marks, Ben Marks, Tony and Sherry Roberts, Susan Zachery and Jon Firebaugh.

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