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August 1999

Those who attended will be able to proudly wear the exclusive Dawg Days T-Shirt.

dawg days base camp

Base camp for the 1999 edition of Trail Dawg Days was set up beside Lick Creek at the base of Lynn Camp Mountain. Below, Paul Haag and John Locke repair eroded sidehill. (Photos by Tony Roberts)

Trail Dawg Days: Can You Dig It?

by John Hartpence

The second annual Dawg Days was held at Lick Creek Aug. 5-8. This was a wonderful time for fellowship, working and eating. The following people were in attendance--Gordon Burgess, Marcia Cope, Barry Hester, Bill Medlin, The Browns (Jeff, Emily, Matt and Andy), Tony Roberts, Bobby Bass, Bud Mitchell, Alice Johnson, Amy Harmon (a new member from Bland, Va.), Betsy Truscott, Trevor Cope, Paul Clayton, Marie Minor, Vaughan Thomas, "Doc" Branham, Trudy Whitney, Paul Haag, John Locke, Bill Boudman, John Hartpence, Aslan and Lady.

The weekend started on Thursday with the picking up of equipment at Forest Service and a planning meeting at Marcia's mountain retreat. On Friday the road was flagged and signs put up so people unfamiliar with Poor Valley could find their way. Camp was set up near Lick Creek. Medlin's large orange tarp was set up as our headquarters. Marcia set up the kitchen area and dared any unauthorized person to enter. Around 3 p.m., members began to arrive.

Around 7 p.m. we had supper. Members brought many of their favorites -- potato salad, tomato salad, brownies, and carrot cake. The hot dogs were great. That night most of the members arrived and we enjoyed ourselves in conversation and Bill's magic brew.

Saturday we were up at 7. Bill Boudman and John Hartpence made pancakes and sausage. Marcia got the coffee going. The first work crew, headed by Bill Medlin, hiked out to the bridge over Lynn Camp Creek about 8:30 am. and then worked their way north. The second group, headed by Barry Hester, hit the trail at 9 am for the North side of Lynn Camp Mountain. Bill Boudman led a group north of Lick Creek. It was a beautiful day to commune with nature and fellowship with our friends. Medlin's group side hilled much of the the South side of Lynn Camp Mountain while Barry's group got most of the North side completed. Bill Boudman and Bobby Bass got the big blow-downs north of Lick Creek. They also rebuilt a bridge. John Hartpence and Gordon Burgess weed-eated to Poor Valley. All and all we got a lot of work done.

Saturday evening, Jeff Brown cooked chicken over the grill. We had all kinds of fine food -- corn on the cob, string beans, salads, and great desserts. The children enjoyed hamburgers and hot dogs. After supper and cleanup we had another great evening of conversation and sharing around the campfire.

Sunday morning we awoke to the smells of Betsy Truscott making bacon and eggs. The smell of perked coffee permeated the air. What a way to cap of the second annual Dawg Days.

Those who attended will be able to proudly wear the exclusive Dawg Days T-shirt. Those of you who didn't attend we hope that you will put this on your calendar for next year.

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