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Keeping the Chestnut Ridge balds open requires the teamwork of PATH, U.S. Forest Service and the ATC.

Walker Gap

In Walker Gap, workers load up gear to be transported up to Chestnut Knob. From left: David Hicks (PATH), Teresa Martinez (ATC), Bill Boudman (PATH), Terry Bussey (USFS), Ben Lawhon (ATC). (Photos by Clint Kawanishi)

Chestnut Ridge Hawthorn Festival

PATH is working with the ATC and the U.S. Forest Service in an effort to keep the Chestnut Ridge balds open. The first phase of the project involves cutting some of the larger vegetation so the meadows along the ridge can be mowed with brush hogs later on.

The first attempt to get this project underway was delayed because of January's heavy snowfalls. The weather looked much more promising in early March 2000 (when these photos were taken) when crews finally assembled at Walker Gap. However, thunderstorms soon blew in followed by snow, cutting short the effort.

Not dissuaded, however, PATH members continued clearing the ridge during spring worktrips.

Chestnut Knob Shelter
Ben Lawhon heads into Chestnut Knob shelter.
Mealtime inside the shelter, Bill Boudman, David Hicks, and Paul Haag get their stoves going.
By Sunday morning, the weather had turned bitter. Bill Boudman loads gear for the trip down the mountain.

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