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Photos by Amy Devereaux

June Worktrip Photo Album

Path accomplished quite a bit on it's June 2000 worktrip, and new PATH member Amy Devereaux captured much of it with her camera. Thanks Amy! Her digital photo album is below. Click on any of the images to see a larger version.

From Paul Clayton -- We had a good turnout for the June trip and got a lot of work done on Chestnut Ridge, at 601, near the Kegley property and at the beaver dam. Bob Normandy brought up his bush-hog for use on Chestnut Ridge and also cooked a clam chowder for the whole crew for Saturday night. A few PATH members went into Wytheville for the Chatauqua Festival - Marie really enjoyed the Garth Brooks impersonator. We had intermittent rain the whole weekend but only the Chestnut Ridge crew got caught in it.

From Bill Boudman -- Work Accomplished:

  1. Consumed Clam dinner in record time. Late comers were left out -- Just kidding
  2. Inserted 10 inch Clemson leveler into beaver dam
  3. Filled in under bridge with at least a ton of rock
  4. Installed 15 water bars South of Kegley property near Rupert house
  5. Installed and hauled in water bars on 601 North - 1 mile
  6. Cut Chestnut ridge trail with bush hog in record time and got back to fix dinner for all of PATH. This is the way to go!

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