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September Worktrip Sets Attendance Record

by John Hartpence, PATH secretary (with 2 cents' worth from Karl Kunkel)

An Oscar-winning scriptwriter could not have penned a better story than the one PATH enjoyed during the September weekend work trip. The weather was crisp, clear and invigorating, we had a great mix of new members and long-time members and the Trail Neighbors cookout at O'Lystery was a warm and inviting event.

This was a record setting worktrip. We had 46 members and guests to take part in the weekend. This is an all-time high, at least since 1993 when I started to keep records.

The weekend started Thursday with breakfast at Cloverdale Kitchen in WinstonSalem. This was attended by Ken Rose, Gordon Burgess, Jeff Brown, Bill Boudman and John Hartpence. Work was planned for the weekend and Ken gave us a report of his trip to the trail two weeks before. Ken also gave us and update of PATH's volunteer hours up to this weekend. Counting this weekend PATH has had 137 different members and guests working on the trail with over 6,800 hours put in. This is over 60 percent of the membership working this year.

Thursday afternoon, after setting up camp at Stony Fork we went to O'Lystery to flag the trail for rock waterbars and drainage ditches. Thursday night we were treated to a spaghetti supper by Walt and Charlene Davis. Thanks so much!! It was a lot better than dump stew.

Friday, after a breakfast at Virginia Heights cafe, Bill, Gordon, Randall Sample, Walt and I went to O'Lystery and put in three rock waterbars and one drainage ditch.

On the way to O'Lystery on Route 42 we saw two bald eagles flying overhead.

Friday night Gordon wanted to go to Virginia Heights for the spaghetti special, so we all went into town for supper. The crew began arriving early Friday night and we had a great fire to sit by and chat.

Saturday, after breakfast at Virginia Heights, we went to the Forest Service and handed out the tools for the worktrip. Randy Sample led a group to the top of Tilson Gap. They put in six new rock steps above the rock area and they broke up rocks in the trail near the top.

David Hicks, Brent Forbis, and Harrison Marks led a group to make new steps on the trail to Tilson Gap. They put in six steps. Betsy Truscott took a group to Garden Mountain, overlooking scenic Burke's Garden, where they finished weed-eating her section of trail. Bill "the guy with the whistle" Boudman led a group up the AT behind O'Lystery to do extensive rock work. They put in 12 rock waterbars, one drainage ditch and one log check dam. Bill Medlin took a group up Tilson and they did 65 yards of sidehilling. Gordon served as guide for Lisa O'Donnell, a reporter from the Winston-Salem Journal, who was researching an article on PATH for her paper.

Saturday evening, we had the trail neighbors picnic at O'Lystery, Marcia Cope and Paul Clayton prepared a fantastic meal. We had over 10 trail neighbors and guests. Mike Dawson, our ATC Representative, attended the picnic. He expects to be relocating to the Seattle area over the next 6-9 months. He also expects virtually every PATH member to use his place as a crash pad at some time or other as we explore Mt. Rainier and Seattle's espresso joints.

During the cookout, Paul presented watches and certificates to Gordon Burgess and Bill Boudman. They were our two picks as outstanding members for the 75th Anniversary of the ATC.

After eating we returned to Stony Fork and huddled around the fire. The temperature was dropping fast so we retired early. Sunday morning we awoke to the first frost of the year at Stony Fork.

The following members and guests attended the weekend: Bill Boudman(3 days), John Hartpence(3), Gordon Burgess(3), Walt Davis(3), Charlene Davis(3), Randy Sample(2), Herb McDonald(2), David Hicks, John Firebaugh, Susan Andreatta, Lisa O'Donnell (Winston-Salem Journal), Tony Roberts, Sherry Roberts, Betsy Truscott, Mark Stanley, Andy Mitchell, Walter Trogdon, Jeff Tysinger, Karl Kunkel, Peter Buch(new-Chapel Hill), Clint Kawanishi, Parthena Martin, Paul Clayton, Marcia Cope, Barry Hester, Marie, Barbara Council, Harrison Marks, Catherine Marks, David Emrey, Martha Emrey, Jeff Brown and his children Emily and Matt, Danny Shields, Steve Coombs, Steve Lund, David Stelts, Vaughn Thomas.

Branham, William "Doc" Branham, Brent Forbis, Bill Medlin, Dean Kanipe and dogs, and Robbie Byrd.

It was great having our former president Danny Booker of Reidsville with us. It had been about seven or eight years since we saw him last. Kudos are in order for Dan Shields and Robbie Byrd, who traveled five hours from the Wilmington coast to be with us. Jeff Tysinger gets the "Rugged Man" Award for sleeping Friday night in the back of his open pickup truck. Missy Manning, joining us for the first time, said she enjoyed the outing. Bill Medlin passed out the eyecatching yellow Third Annual Dawg Day Shirts to the members attending that event in August. Remember, if you have not paid your dues yet send them to Tony Roberts c/o PATH, Post Office Box 4423, Greensboro, NC 27404-4423. Dues are $15 for individuals, $17.50 for families and $10 for students.

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