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October 2000

Excitement at Crawfish

Trail Dawg Days a Huge Success

By Marcia Cope and Berry Hester

On Friday, 4 August 2000, PATH members and friends began arriving in Crawfish Valley for PATH's "Third Annual Trail Dawg Days Sidehilling Event." By early afternoon, our orange-roofed "kitchen" was completely operational and some Dawgs were enroute to Gullion Mountain via Betsy Truscott's 4WD truck to flag the sidehilling areas and drop some locust for waterbars also needed on . this section. Trevor Cope reported a very exciting ride, although he never saw the 200-foot ravine that Barry assured him they barely missed. Meanwhile, an assortment of food/beverage coolers grew steadily throughout the afternoon and evening in ., one corner of our grass-floored kitchen, while in the meadow below a colourful "tent-city" mushroomed alongside the creek.

Our traditional Friday night "Hot Dogs for Hungry Dawgs" was followed by Worrill's Homemade Cookies and a fire from Paul Haag's dry wood. Barry was satisfied that the needed sidehilling could be accomplished, and I was sure we would have enough food!

New faces joined long-familiar ones Saturday as the sidehilling was completed and 23 new locust waterbars were placed. I had barely finished cleaning up after breakfast, reorganizing our workspace for the evening cookout, and preparing the salad for supper when the early arrivals from Gullion Mountain began to meander into basecamp ready to "work" some more on the breakfast leftovers!!!

Saturday evening, Paul Clayton took the Konnarock Crew that was working/camping in the area out for supper while those in basecamp enjoyed Billy Medlin's super tender chicken cooked on Amy's grill and Paul Haag's delicious burritos plus many other dishes followed by the "Trail Dawgs Days 2000" cake that Amy decorated for our Millennium Event.

Sunday morning was Pancakes and Sausages, after which some Dawgs departed for drier locales, some hiked, and one picked blackberries right where the beautiful timber rattlesnake had disappeared into the grass the night before! Mike Dawson visited our rapidly disappearing basecamp enroute to the Konnarock worksite and reported having his van "absolutely into the side ditch" v: when he was approached by a "low-flying red Jeep"! ! ! !

Thus, we have put another exciting, fun-filled Trail Dawg Days Event into history. Bill Boudman has the stats, the Appalachian Trail benefited from the hard work, and we all enjoyed the fellowship and time well spent in the Great OutDoors.

As we look forward to next year we are open to suggestions for improving our annual sidehill event. Also, Trail Section Leaders needing sidehill work please let us know this fall if you would like Dawg Days to work on your section. Each year we work in a different Section Leader's Area so that eventually each one can benefit from "the Dawgs" intensive digging effort.

In closing we want to thank everyone who came out for Trail Dawg Days, for all the hard work that was performed, and also for letting us know that you had a good time.

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