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April 2002

March 2002 Worktrip

Sugar Grove, Va.-Konnarock Faciltiy

By John Hartpence-Secretary

This was a worktrip to remember. We had summer like weather in March. Temperatures were in the mid-70's. Shorts at Konnarock in March. The facility at Konnarock has been winterized. Heated Kitchen and Bathrooms. Bill arrived on Tuesday to find the facility already cleaned up and waiting for us. We had an all time high number of workers at this trip. We had 58 workers. This allowed Bill, the trail coordinator, a lot of lead way to get a lot of work completed.

We had some sad news given to us when we arrived. Tom, the caretaker, at Wytheville was killed in a car accident in December. We will miss him. Forest Service at Wytheville will now be the fire center for southwest Virginia. There will be at least 4 permanent firefighters in residence at Wytheville. The Dairy Queen and Exxon Station at Route 11-Va. 683 has closed. The Village Motel is in the process of closing also.

Projects completed this worktrip:

  • All 57.5 miles of trail were walked and evaluated. Blowdowns were removed by handsaws. Trash was removed at all trail heads.
  • Beaver Dam #2-Behind the Barn (formerly Cumbow's)- The beaver are gone!!! The Middle Branch of the Holston River is within its banks again. The two Clemson Levelers were removed. The Boy Scouts carried them back by the Hawthorns incase AT Bunkey's family returns. The smaller Leveler was carried out. We will work on abutments for both sides of the bridge this year.
  • We began the relocation of the trail in the Meadows behind the Barn. The lower meadow was blue flagged and the upper meadow had metal AT Posts put in for the relocation. We will mow the trail there in April.
  • Rock was hauled to Chatfield Shelter for the work in June at Summerfest 2001. Old Shingles were gathered up and bagged for FS to pick up.
  • Light bulbs were replaced at our Pod at Forest Service. Equipment was checked, Area was cleaned up.
  • At Signs were replaced at 4 trail heads.
  • Six waterbars were put in between Mount Roger's Headquarters and Va. 601.
  • The Recreation Hall, Kitchen and Bathrooms were cleaned at Konnarock. Thanks Sheila Tysinger, Susan and Sara Andreatta.
  • Susan Andreatta, our Social Director, coordinated another great Saturday night PATH Buffet.

Bill Boudman-5, John Hartpence-4, Valerie Hurt-2, Andy Stoy-3(new member), Steve Yonts-2, Walt Davis-3, Tim Eling, David John-4, Clint Kawanishi-2, Andy Mitchell-2, Paul Haag-2, Herb MacDonald-2, Jeff Tysinger, Sheila Tysinger, Brandon Tysinger, Gary Hunt, Louise Hughes(new member), Kim Wall(new member), Bill Medlin, Jack Bookman, Brent Forbis, Bobby Bass, Craig Philliips(new member), Mark Doty(new member), Stephen Doty(new member), Jon Firebaugh, Barbara Council, Don Childrey, Sharon Key, Mark Stanley, Paul Clayton, Marie Miner, Ralph Meeks-2, Ralph's Boy Scouts-12, Boy Scout Leaders-3, Parthena Martin, Elliott Haag, Susan Andreatta-3, Sara Andreatta-3, Gary Lamunion(new member), Cathy Addison, Steve Coombs, Dean Kanipe and friends,and Wille Hall-2

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