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April 2002

April 2002 Worktrip

Sugar Grove, Va.-Konnarock Faciltiy-51 workers-3 new members

By John Hartpence-Secretary

The Path Work Weekend began on Wednesday morning at 7 am without monthly breakfast at Cloverdale Kitchens in Winston-Salem. It was attended by 11 members-Gordon and Peggy Burgess, Doc and Vaughn Branham, Jeff Brown, Paul Haag, Bill Boudman, Ken Rose, Marcia Cope, David John and John Hartpence. We had our usual discussions of the trail and plans for the upcoming weekend. We adjourned the breakfast about 8:15am and headed to Wytheville. We arrived to find that the electrical work had been finished on our work area. We cleaned up the work room and gathered materials for the work weekend. When we arrived in Sugar Grove, we went to Mt. Rogers Headquarters and met with Tim Eling. We then went to Konnarock and set up camp. Konnarock volunteers were there cleaning up the camp and getting it ready for the upcoming season. John Jaskolka, Chris and Jerome Droogh (from Holland) were there. They had begun working in Lynn Camp on Monday. They were repairing the damage from the major rain storm in February. Andy Stoy (from Wilmington) arrived and joined us for supper. Spent the evening preparing for the weekend.

Thursday (April 18)- After breakfast the John, Chris and Jerome went to Lynn Camp. Andy, Bill, John and Aslan took the sickle bar mower to the meadow above Beaver Dam #2. There are reports that at least one beaver has returned to the area. We cut the new trail with the mower and put white plastic wood blazes on the stakes. We cut hawthorns and wild roses. We returned to camp. Walt Davis arrived in the afternoon. He spent time cleaning up the kitchen. We had a spaghetti, pork tenderloin and salad for supper. Andrew Mitchell and Bill Medlin arrived. Dean (from Homestead, Florida) showed movies in the evening.

Friday (April 19) - After a pancake breakfast we went to the area from the Kegley Property to US 11. We (Bill Boudman, Walt Davis, Andy Stoy and John Hartpence) cut the trail with the weedeaters. We used the chain saw blade so we could cut the hawthorns and wild rose bushes. After cutting an hour we were halted for an hour by heavy rains and lightning. After the storm we finished the project. We went to Beaver Dam #1 to survey the area. A large amount of debris has collected behind the walkway. It was washed there during the 10 inch rainstorm in February. Also someone dump wooden palates at the parking lot on Va. 617. Bill Medlin and Andrew Mitchell went with Tim Eling(USFS) to Chatfield Shelter to plan Summerfest 2001. After supper of the famous Boudman/Hartpence Dum Stew we prepared for the members coming in for the weekend. The weather was beautiful and we sat outside and talk into the late evening.

Saturday (April 20) - We got up about 5;30 am and got the crew ready to go to the Sugar Grove Diner. We had over 20 members go to the Diner. After breakfast the crews were sent out to work. We did the following projects:

  1. Davis Path-Lopped are up to the shelter. Cut a large blow down with a chainsaw
  2. Beaver Dam #2-Gathered rocks to put under the bridge when the abutments are made, Dug and Planted Hawthorns, Removed the old blazes, Cleaned up the overlook by the stile, put brush in the old trail, Sidehilled the new trail. Most of this work was done by the Boy Scouts from Winston-Salem.
  3. Beaver Dam #1- Picked up Liter, Threw debris over the walk way, hauled the wooden palates away.
  4. Chatfield Shelter-Hauled soil and rocks
  5. Virginia 610- Moved the stile about 100 yards to the north, moved AT sign post in trail, weedeated and lopped the corridor,
  6. Virginia 742- Put crushed rocks in the trail to the puncheons, moved the trail signs back a few yards, took rock out of the river and put them along the river bank to cut down on the erosion there.
  7. Lynn Camp- Rock Repair, Repaired blow out from February Storm,
  8. Garden Mountain-Lopped one half to the trail going toward Walker Mountain.

We had great weather for the work details. It was in the high 70's. We saw a lot of through hikers on the trail all day.

Walt Davis, our Social Director, prepared and organized another great PATH Potluck Supper. It was enjoyed by all. Thanks WALT!!!!!

In the evening we socialized. A campfire was made and enjoyed by all.

Sunday (April21) - PATH members return to their home areas.

Members attending the work trip- Bill Boudman-4 John Hartpence-4 Andrew Mitchell-2 David John Boy Scouts from W-Salem-8 Keith Morgan(Durham)-NEW Clint Kawanishi Parthena Martin Linda Robinson Steve Lund Bill Medlin-2 Andy Stoy-3 Vaughn Branham Gordon Burgess John Jaskolka-6 Chris Droogh-6 Jerome Droogh-6 Tony Roberts Craig Phillips Valerie Hurt Worrill Campbell Betsy Truscott Steve Coombs Walter Trogdon Jack Bookman Jeremy Forbis Caroline Forbis Bobbi Hartpence Forbis Steve Yonts-6 Kim Wall Brian Clark(Caswell County)-NEW Walt Davis-3 John VanShaick(Raleigh)-NEW Paul Clayton Marie Minor Martha Emrey David Emrey Dean Kanipe and friends Karen Worthington-Seattle, Washington Will Burke-Ohio Peggy Burke Joslin Burke Bob Normandy David Faucette

Path had another great weekend. We had the second largest crowd in over 10 years. A lot of projects were completed. The temperature ( in the 70's and 80's)and weather were great. A few rain showers did not damper the weekend. Looking forward to you returning in May. We will be at Stoney Fork Campground off I77 for this weekend. Remember to put Summerfest 2002 on your schedule. It will be from June 13-17. We will be cammping at Konnarock in Sugar Grove. We will be working at Chatfield Shelter. You will be hearing a lot more on this in the upcoming weeks.


By Bill Boudman, Trail Supervisor

John did a great summation. Thank you! He takes better notes than I do. Next work trip we will put on name tags on Friday night and Saturday night. Only a couple of corrections to make or add.

  1. Hawthorns 2 - PATH -00: Those participants in the relo where under a vicious attack and siege all day from those friends of Clint. They fight dirty. He is the one that organizes such things as Hawthorn Festival, etc. Those loving hawthorns. Everyone received battle scars and their was blood was left on the battle field.
  2. It has been reported to me we also have beaver activity in both Beaver Dam I and in Beaver Dam II. They are chewing up an apple orchard in Beaver Dam II.
  3. It has also been reported to me that the donut and coffee man did not deliver the goods to the swimming pool party working in the river.
  4. Bill, who lounged around in his swimming trunks, slept during the day in his hammock, guarded Billy Bobs elixir and returned with a fine tan, passed out hour bars, patches and T-shirts to his comrades. These are given annually by the USFS. Some individuals tried to trade elixir for the new patch. I hate to report that no trades were made during daylight hours. Change Your name!! Those receiving T-shirts had accumulate in excess of 1000 hours of volunteer hours. These people were: Bill Boudman, Gordon Burgess, Paul Clayton, John Hartpence, Barry Hester (will receive later), Parthena Martin, and Ken Rose (will receive later). USFS miss counted and will have to order.

On a more serious note. Thank you all for your hard work this weekend. The club and hikers have given us many compliments on our trail section. The quality of our section is only surpassed by the fine workers that participate in one way or another in our club. I saw many workers coming in Saturday from work that were covered with dirt. One group I can't say too much about because they came in clean. I hear they went swimming in the river and called that work

Once again many thanks to those that made it up.

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