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May 2002

May 2002 Worktrip

By Bill Boudman

Great and wonderful PATH Vacation this past week. Weather was warm Wed-Friday and went south on Saturday with rain and winds. High was 46 in Wytheville and around 38 in Lynn Camp, AM, Saturday morning. Cold Saturday night with everyone playing musical chairs around the roaring fire. Heavy frost Sunday morning. Thanks to the crew which put up the orange tarp on Friday morning- Andrew did the engineering. Special thanks goes out to Walt and Charlene for dinner on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to Paul, Marie, Stacie and Gordon for their POLITICAN on Saturday.

Thank you for the wood folks. Double thanks to Willie Hall for his truck load of fine dry oak. All the wood was gratefully appreciated by many. Number 4 bath shower still will shock you. Wear rubber shoes into the shower for protection.

Work week accomplishments:

  • Wednesday
    • Politics with USFS in Wytheville, merchandise not ready yet, only 3 months behind
    • Politics with USFS in Mt. Rogers - picked up merchandise, no signs yet, on order, arranged for use of Konnarock in June and October. Will set up tents in June since pods will be in use by Konnarock
    • Checked out relo behind Cumbows- doing well, grass is filling in old trail quickly and recently planted Hawthorns are taking hold
    • Picked up a truck load of fire wood from Willie Hall - Thank you from Path again
    • Andy Stoy and Bill Boudman spent the evening in their hammocks sipping their concoctions and absorbing heat from the roaring fire.
    • Dump stew for dinner with a side order of double thick chips provided by Andy Stoy and fine wine provided by Bobby Vineyards
  • Thursday
    • Breakfast at Virginia Heights
    • Picked up mower and cut all fields north and south of 81. Ran weed wacker, cut blackberry bushes and lots of baby hawthorns in the wrong place. Also got the puncheons cleared of Skunk Cabbage. The smell was awful. Got up and 6 and cut till 5:30 that evening.
    • Dinner at 8 of Dum Dum Stew, with side order of chips, fine wine by Bobby and a roaring fire
    • Arrival of the trouble makers from the piedmont- Will, Andy and Clint. After dinner servings of fine wine by Bobby and brewed beer. Very late bedtime hour.
    • All work was verified by an outside accounting firm of Boudman and Stoy.
  • Friday
    • Set up Orange Tart after a hardy breakfast at Virginia Heights before the rains came.
    • Andy, Andy, Bill, Clint and Will ventured out to cut the blowdowns on Lynn Camp Mt. Andy passed his chain saw cutting with perfection. He was so good that we let him off on Saturday detail up Lynn Camp Mt. Found that the bridges foundations had been undermined by the abundant rainfall. First bridge may make it for a couple of years but the second one (Lynn Camp Creek) will need shoring up on Saturday. Warm Day
    • Cut water bar material for Saturdays crew. Temporary fix for trail erosion until rock water bars can be built later.
    • Andrew tried to pull a fast one and have me hike out with the Chainsaw, chaps, gloves, gas and oil and extra chain, ax, and etc. Boy did I fix the young whipper snapper with muscles. We stored the saw and let the young tall lightning arrester (Paul) carry it out on Saturday after he used it. Andy Stoy hiked to the top of Lynn Camp Mt. for the view and rejoined us later.
    • Dinner was ready at six, prepared by Walt and Charlene Davis. We got back just in the nick of time before the hungry (Walter, Jeff and others) devoured the meal. We all know the PATH motto, eat now and if late you famish.
    • Brandon blew in around sixish and promised to be in on Saturday and then blew out never to be seen or heard from again. his wife has him on a tight rein.
    • Other Crew members began arriving after 7 to enjoy the roaring fire and fine wines by Bobby. Another late night around the fire talking of past deeds while the demon trail supervisor prepared the Saturday work list and told lies about how easy the work would be the next day and how early everyone would be done. THEN the rains CAME!
    • Dean and the hellions arrived and Dean made a donation of crash helmet, gloves, and chaps to the club. Thank you DEAN.
    • Barry arrive carrying the new LOUISE CHATFIELD SHELTER sign. It looks great. Even Gordon could read its large bold print.
  • Saturday
    • Woke up with it raining at 5:30 and headed to Virginia Heights around 6 with a convoy of vehicles following. After a hearty breakfast all ventured to USFS in Wytheville to receive assignments. Those that had offered sufficient bribes got assigned to the lush jobs at Chatfield.
    • I was told that they carried rock, soil and more rock and soil. They started working on the removal of dirt around the old privy. What great smelling conditions they worked under. I was told that part of the crew arrived back at camp around 1 and took afternoon naps. Some came out because it was cold and wet. What is there to say? Others left and went to see Henry and Doris Ford, Amy Roberts, Arten and his wife and tried to find a lost dog. I thought all the lost dogs were at Stony Fork. They were just out Politican. Great going folks. Job well done.
    • Now, Others took the more demanding job of hiking in 3 miles to the base of Lynn Camp Mt. With rock bars, shovels, pulaskis, axes, and picks to do some real work. Part of the crew worked in the area just before the shelter on the ridge line putting in 14 water bars, others went to Lynn Camp Creek and played in the waster shoring up the bridge abutment. Bobby Bass came in from 222 to join the crew. Some rocks were so big that 10 people were needed to hoist and carry them. The cargo nets stitching came undo but no rocks were lost and no one complained of wet feet and clothing. The temperature was around 38, but the water was warmer. After building the abutment the crew worked back up toward the shelter shoveling out ditches on the side of the trail and building water bars. Four wooden water bars were installed which will later be replaced by rock water bars. Clint led a detail which cut trenches or ditches on the side of the trail. Thankthe Lord that Clint could not use his camera in the dark and wet conditions. New is not always better. I was told that someone took several compromising pictures. Returned to Olystery around 4, wet and cold and ready for a cold one. Works crews gradually filtered out and no one was lost. Great job and work well done by all. Bill Boudman was given the job of carrying Valerie Hunts German Chocolate Cheese Cake to Camp for dinner. It arrived safely and completely intact.
    • Appetizers were served around 5. The meat balls were especially good. Desserts were consumed first as appetizers. Walt said he had never seen so much food in all his life. Very little left over after dinner. The only thing left Sunday morning was a bottle of Texas Pete hot sauce and half a bag of Oreo Cookies. Thanks go out to Walt and Charlene for getting the dinner meal ready and to the table in one piece. Thanks to David John for shutting our beloved leader - Gordon - to work on Saturday. I was told by an unreliable source that it took seven trips with the truck. The food was enjoyed by all around a roaring hot, very hot boot melting fire.

Those participating this week were: Bill Boudman (4), George Rendle Linda Robinson, Clint Kawanishe (2), Bill Medlin, Jack Bookman, Andy Mitchell (2), Paul Haag, Walter Trogdon, Andy Stoy (3), Vaughn Thomas, Doc Branham, Walt Davis (3), Charlene Davis (3), Jeff tysinger, David John, Gordon Burgess, Steve Coombs, Steve Lund, Will Burke (2), Sharon Key, Renee Clark, Louise Hughes, Kim Wall, Stacie Johnston, Marie Minor, Paul Clayton, Dea and the heathens, David Emrey, Martha Emrey, Barry Hester, Brian Clark, Tom Dillon, Gary Hunt, Jon Firebaugh, Bobby Bass, and give Willie hall 3 days credit for cutting, splitting and stacking, and sharpening the tools.

Chatfield Work Team: Andrew, Bill M, Kim, Louise, Linda, Jeff, Will, Walt, Gordon, Dave & Martha


  • Dug out washed in dirt 3 ft back from upper privy wall
  • Hauled this dirt to dirt pile beside shelter for use as fill behind rock wall in June
  • Moved largest rocks from pile behind log and completed "dirty wall" to secure privy steps
  • Moved smallest rocks from pile behind log and crushed w/sledge hammer (till B.M. broke it)
  • Placed lots of rocks as "icebergs" underneath hemlock tree behind shelter
  • Finished rock border to double entry from trail - to highlight and protect vegetation
  • Secured more large block rocks from uphill and left along trail - use for steps, wall in June
  • Placed rock border on lower edge of new tent pad area
  • Picked up and packed out trash from shelter area
  • Walt & Gordon - walked 10 minutes from 644 toward Settler's Museum - cut 8" blowdown
  • Dave & Martha - lopped trail & cut 1 blowdown between Settler's Museum & Chatfield
  • New Chatfield sign completed by Barry Hester - will install on Sat. June work weekend
  • Requested double "tent site" sign from Barry - will have ready for tent pad in June

Thats it Folks. Long winded strikes again. See you in June at Konnarock for the Summerfest Festival at Chatfield. All shuttles will be from Konnarock in Sugar Grove. Chatfield is located on a gated road. Let us know when you are coming. Very limited parking at Chatfield.

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