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June 2002

Summerfest 2002

Chatfield Shelter Area Rehabilitation

By John Hartpence

After a year of planning and preparation work Summerfest 2002 was finally here. A week of hard work-June 11-17-and fellowship was had by all those attending. Billy Bob Medlin and Andrew Mitchell headed up Summerfest. We had 54 workers over the week. Workers traveled from as far as Florida, Staunton, Va., Georgia, and the North Carolina coast to work on the Chatfield Shelter Project.

The Chatfield Shelter was originally the Glade Mt Shelter. It was moved to its present location around 1977. The shelter was renamed the Louise Chatfield Memorial Shelter in April 1986. She was a charter member of PATH and twice president of the club-1972-73 and 1976. Louise was a NC Conservationist. She was the first chair of the NC Trails Committee. (For a series of photos on the 1986 dedication event, see A Photographic History of PATH by Gordon Burgess and Paul Clayton

Summerfest had as its main projects-the rebuilding of the privy, beautification of the grounds, new rock steps to the shelter and the privy, and a rock wall to raise the land in front of the shelter. Cynthia Crotwell-a former Konnarock Crew Leader, rock wall specialist, and an officer in the Georgia AT Club-was brought in to direct the rock work. All of the projects were successfully completed. PATH workers spent the week hauling large rocks-some over 500 pounds-with the grip hoist or rock carriers. These rocks were set in place in the steps or the wall. The old privy was torn down after suspending the old roof in the air about 10 feet off the ground. A new privy frame was built and the old roof was lowered on to its new home. It fit perfectly. Andrew was pleased that what he planned on paper actually worked with only a few adjustments. The new privy has an open space of about 4 inches at the bottom for ventilation, screening at the top for ventilation and a front Dutch door which is attached to a spring. Billy Bob had the privilege of being the first person to use the privy. Everything worked properly. The new privy was completed without having to remove the family of field mice who had built a home in the upper right hand corner of the privy.

Path members crushed rocks with sledge hammers. They crushed many hundreds of pounds of rock to put behind the wall, low areas of the trail and to fill in behind the steps.

On Saturday a new sign -- made by Barry Hester-was put on the shelter rededicating it to Louise Chatfield.

We camped at the Konnarock facility in Sugar Grove. We had full use of the facility after the workers at Konnarock went out on the trail Thursday morning. Meals were headed up by Chief Medlin and Assistant Chief Mitchell. They had many assistants to make coffee, pancakes, eggs, potatoes, salads, set up for meals and wash dishes. Thanks to all for their great help. Special thanks to KEITH MORGAN!!!! He became the Camp Director. He stayed in camp while the rest of us went up to the mountain. He set up for meals, went shopping for food and supplies in Marion, and cleaned up after the meals. Thanks KEITH!!!

A typical Summerfest day began with breakfast. Chief Billy and Andrew started cooking about 5:30am. First call for breakfast came around 6am and breakfast was served at second call at 6:15am. Coffee was a HOT item at breakfast. We went through about 60 cups each morning. After breakfast there was a short period of time to prepare your lunch, brush your teeth, and clean up your tent area. The caravan for Chatfield pulled out around 8 am. We usually were at the work site by 8:45 am except for those who got LOST!!!!At the work site Andrew gave announcements, safety talks and the work assignments for the day. We worked until 11:30 am when we broke for lunch. Work resumed about 12:30 PM and continued until 3:30 PM. We tried to head down the trail by 4pm. After arriving back in camp we had about an hour to clean up and socialize until supper. Supper was at 6pm. We had great meals with the main course being Chicken(Thurs), fried Turkey(Friday) and Pasta(Saturday). Walt Davis planned another great PATH Buffet for Saturday night. We even got to meet Karl Knuckle under the Orange Tart Saturday night. Art and Ruby Cushing, our former hosts at Stoney Fork, were our special guests at the buffet. After supper we socialized. However, after a hard day's work PATH members began going to bed starting at 8pm. By 10:30 PM only the Southern Blaster, Harpy and Aslan were still socializing. Boy, how things have change from the old days at Stoney Fork.

We had 54 workers on this work trip. We put in over 1400 volunteer hours. Thanks to everyone who attended Summerfest. Andrew Mitchell is having Summerfest Shirts made for $15. If you forgot to order one you can still contact Andrew about getting your collector item.

The following are the list of workers at Summerfest. If I didn't get your hours correct, contact me at I will be sending the hours into Ken Rose later in the week. If you do not have a number after your name you worked only one day.

Bill Boudman-8, Bill Medlin-6, Andre Mitchell-6, Clint Kawanishi-5, John Hartpence-7, Keith Morgan-5, Bill Hurlebaus-5, Linda Robinson-5, James Houck(new-Titusville, Fla)-6, John Jaskolka-5, Jim Chambers-5, Amy Roberts-4, David John-4, David Faucette-4, Willie Hall, David Emrey, Martha Emrey, Karl Kunkle, Mark Stanley-2, Cynthia Crotwell-2, Dave Hurlicka(FS), Jody Bickle(ATC),Tony Roberts, Sherry Roberts, Cathy Addison, Gary Lamunion, Jeff Tysinger, Randy Sample-2, George Randleman-2, Winston-Salem Boy Scouts Troop 926 and Leader-5, Tom Dillon-3, Herb MacDonald-2, Betsy Truscott-2, Worrill Campbell-2, Mark Doty-2, Nancy Doty-(new-Staunton,Va.)-2, Stephen Doty-2, Danny Yount( new-Conover,NC)-3, Margaret Wainwright and dog-3, Andy Stoy-3, Valerie Hurt-3, Walt Davis-3, Paul Haag-2, Elliot Haag-2, Renee Clark-2, Louise Hughes-2, Walter Trogdon-2, Doc Branham, Vaughn Branham, and Dean Kanipe and friends.

The next work trip will be July 19-21 at Stoney Fork Campground. Our main projects will be rock work and trench digging at Lynn Camp and working with the Konnarock Crew on Gullion Mountain. We will have another PATH Buffet at Stoney Fork on Saturday night. We will be having the Konnarock Crew eating with us so make a little extra for them. Details of this work trip will come out as we near the worktrip.

Again Thanks to Billy Bob, Andrew Mitchell and Cynthia Crotwell for a great Summerfest. I know Louise would be proud of the work done.

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