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March 2005


March 2005 Work Trip

John Boy, Jim and Atilla

The first PATH work trip of 2005 was held at Sugar Grove (Konnarock),Va.
We had 42 members present. In spite of the 4 to 5 inches on snow that fell on St. Patrick's Day (17) everyone was able to get to Sugar Grove with very few problems. The was no snow at Konnarock. However, on Va. 86 there was still the need for a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Betsy Truscott provided shuttle service to that area. Thanks Betsy!! Ralph's boy scouts loved hiking in the snow, which in places was knee deep. ATTILA and Jim Houck keep everyone well fed through Saturday morning. ATTILA did not even have to go to his famous cookbook-"One Hundred and One ways to make Dump Stew."

Projects completed on this work trip:
1. Washed all the dishes and pots in the Kitchen.
2. Found a shed in Atkins for PATH storage at Konnarock.
3. Cleaned all the check dams and water bars from Davis Path Shelter to the South Holstein River.
4. Behind the Partnership Shelter--removed 6 check dams and replaced with 3 water bars.
5. Poor Valley to Lynn Camp-Cut/Bucked 14 blow downs ranging in size from 4 inches in diameter to 20 inches.
6. Cut blow downs with a bow saw from Va. 86 to Settlers Museum.
7. Checked on the privy at Knot Maul--The blow down fell on the old privy.
8.Sidehilled about 75 feet of trail at Va. 670.
9. Cut small blow downs from Va. 16 to Va. 670.
10. Small relo above Beaver Dam #1.
11. US 11 to bridge at Beaver Dam #2-A. Moved the trail to higher ground in the meadow to cut down on trail wear. Put in 4 fence posts and 6 metal posts to mark the trail. B. At the Bridge put 2 railroad ties over the ditch. C. Put in 2 steps (out of cross ties) at the Boardwalk.

Saturday night 25 Path members took part in the Buffet supper. Valerie's Blueberry Wine cake became the appetizer. Valerie outdid herself again.

Members attending and ( ) days worked--
Bill Boudman-6
Bobby Bass-6
Will Burke-3
Steve Ferris-1
John Hartpence-2
Keith Morgan-3
Michelle Pruitt-3 (new-Winston-Salem)
Doc Branham-1
Vaughn Thomas-1
Andy Stoy-2
Steve Lund-1
Jeff Tysinger-3
Boy Scouts from Sanford, NC-5
Leaders of Scouts-3
Steve Yonts-2
Jim Houck-5
Dean Kanipe and dogs-1
David Emrey-1
Martha Emrey-1
Karl Kunkel-1
David Hicks-1
Valerie Hurt-2
Steve Coombs-1
Mark Doty-2
Sawnie Robertson-1 (new-Sugar Grove-VA. 670)
Jeff Brown-1
Matt Brown-1
Danny Shields-2
Leah Perry-2 (new Cary, NC)
David Faucette-1
Greg Scott-1 (new-Raleigh, NC)
Grace Mauney-1
Tom Dillon-1
Betsy Truscott-4
John Turski-1

Next work trip --April 15-17, 2005----Sugar Grove, Va.--Konnarock

John Hartpence (John boy)--secretary


John wrote:
11. US 11 to bridge at Beaver Dam #2-A. Moved the trail to higher ground in the meadow to cut down on trail wear. Put in 4 fence posts and 6 metal posts to mark the trail. B. At the Bridge put 2 railroad ties over the ditch. C. Put in 2 steps (out of cross ties) at the Boardwalk.

To expand on 11-B, first the old RXR ties (5) had to be removed, the ditch had to be cleaned to allow good water flow, then the new timbers were installed. 3-wide across the ditch, 1 as a footer & 2 more for a step up.

Bobby Bass, Will Burke & Jim Houck completed this (those timbers are heavy) task & still had time to haul gravel for the turnpike area.

With our eyes on the weather, p.a.t.h. workers got a lot of jobs done. The section south of I-81 is looking good. After the april work trip we should be able to take the work party north.

Jim Houck


First of all I wish to thank all those that came out to work on the work trip. I especially wish to thank those that came early and did some early work along with Valerie "Dessert Queen" and John Tyrski for finding out about the Knot Maul Mauling of the old Privy, Steve Ferris and Valerie for reporting on Garden Mt. and Chestnut Ridge. I also wish to thank Karl, Valerie and Dave Hicks for going out of there way to go into Poor Valley in less than desirable conditions and cutting the blowdowns. You see you do not always have to show up on Saturday to contribute to a work trip.
Thanks to Jeff and the kitchen for another fine Saturday evening brunch. It was so good that the scouts lined up at the windows and promised to never again cook out on Saturday evening but enjoy with us next year. How about that!!!!!
I only have a couple of things to add to the secretary's notes. Atilla, Bobby, and Jim had an enjoyable trip to snow country. Jim, Bobby, and Atilla spent all day Tuesday and Wednesday in their snow hammocks with a roaring fire enjoying the snow elixir and watching the bikini clad kitchen help work. The mice did a masterful job cleaning the plates and cooking utensils to EPA mice standards.
Jim, Bobby and Atilla kept the crowd well fed, fat & sassy. We even treated the cold crew from Plattsburg to a fabulous dinner on Thursday evening. You should have seen that crowd around the fire. They were almost in it. They thought the Sunny south had no winter and came south to soak up the nonexistent suns rays.
Atilla and Bobby went to USFS in Wytheville to get the trees to be planted at 86 on Saturday. In typical fashion the trees were not delivered when promised. Thank you Chris Bracknell for ordering them. Of course it worked out for the better since 86 was iced over at the top. Chris will try to plant them in his spare time. Thanks Chris!!!
Atilla as usual found a way to be a supervisor and have his slaves do the work for him while he relaxed from the exhausting trip up. They did a great job and completed many tasks as dutifully noted by John Boy.
On Sunday and Monday Atilla, Jim and Bobby went north to the I-77 relo and suffered from the cold and cloudy weather. We were later joined by Steve Yonts - Who was at Emory-Henry delivering a trail sermon or lecture to college students. We suffered through a steak dinner over the grill with all the fixings that evening. Only Atilla refused to eat the Black eyed beans or peas.
Of course Bobby and Atilla had to sleep in the cold pasture and be nurtured to sleep by the roving bands of wild cows and rudely awakened at 6 by the locals who were only doing their morning chores while Atilla and the gang slept.
On Sunday Our section leader was laid up with a sore throat so we had to go forth alone and stumble and fall in the woods on a dreary day while flagging the trail. Oh how we suffered. We only got lost once or twice and were rescued by our road walker the ELIXIR king.
Dave Schilling, Steve Yonts and Dave Hrdlicka showed up on Monday to work or play and help walk & GPS the newly laid out trail. Of course you know "White Mountain" Dave wanted to lay the trail straight up hill like they do up there in New Hampshire and Maine.
Teresa took the month off to go skiing and snow boarding with a lay over in Sunny Place Vale or was it in Hawaii with Clint and Parthena to recover. Just kidding! We missed her but Dave was an adequate replacement.
Of course all of this is written from Atillas point of view. As is often the case, all good BS has to come to an end. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!

Atilla the thankful one

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