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April 2005


April 2005 Work Trip

John Boy and Jim

The April work trip was held at the Konnarock facility in Sugar Grove. We had 34 workers on this trip. The following are projects that were completed or worked on.

1. Installed Path Work shed at Konnarock.
2. Walked and GPS the Relo at I-77.
3. Spring Meetings with the ATC, USFS and PATH.
4. Chatfield Shelter-new rock step at Privy, rock steps 50 yards up stream from the Shelter, covered the bank of the privy with rocks, put in a rock wall behind the privy, built wall going up to the shelter, moved the fire ring and rebuilt it, moved the picnic table to its proper site, iceberg area, new tent pad, cut blow downs, removed a dam across the creek that was causing flooding, picked up trash.
5. Davis Path-put more mulch in the privy, filled privy bucket with mulch, cut 5 blow downs, cleaned up the trailhead.
6. Behind Rhonda’s-Route 11- Cut new relo with weed eater, cut limbs to close the old trail, picked up trash, cleared the area by stile at the top of the hill to make a view(cut sumac trees).
7. Walked area from Glade Mountain to Settler’s Museum--all clear.
8. Cleaned up trail head at Va. 617.
9. Planted trees at Va. 86 trail head.
Herb MacDonald walked the trail from Va. 601 to the Partnership Shelter. -Cleaned up the area of trash. Herb found a spring north of the power line(50 feet from the trail.)
10. Blazed from the Settler’s Museum to I-81.

The following workers worked this work trip. Days worked after their name.

Bill Boudman-7
Jim Houck-8
Michelle Pruitt-2
Paul Haag-2
Jack Bookman-1
Ken Pugh-1
Dave Hiscoe-1
Doc Branham-1
Vaughn Thomas-1
John Hartpence-3
John Jaskolka-4
Brian Nalley-1(new Sanford area--photographer)
Chris Bracknell-4
Rhonda Bracknell-2
Steve Lund-1
Andrew Mitchell-1
Susan Andreatta-!
Herb MacDonald-1
Walter Trogdon-1
Mark Doty-1
Stephen Doty-1
Keith Morgan-1
Leah Perry-2
Danny Shields-2
Paul Clayton-1
Marie Minor-1
Barbara Council-1
Kim Wall-1
Jan Leitschuh-1
Martha Emrey-1
David Emrey-1
Phil Williams-1
Aubrey Arrington-1
Brian Hurt-2( new Winston-Salem)

Saturday night Susan Andreatta coordinated another great Path buffet. It was enjoyed by everyone.

The next Path Work trip will be May 20-22 at Stoney Fork Campground. Hope to see you all there.

Happy trails,

John Boy (the old man of the mountain) --Path Secretary


Tuesday, 4/12, installed homemade step @ RXR near beaver dam 2. Dinner = Venison steak, rice & green beans.

Wednesday, 4/13 Rain all day. Level pad & place shed on same. Dinner = Venison pot roast.

Thursday 4/14, Meeting in Salem, Va. Dinner = Venison burger w/gravy over rice & gr. beans w/corn.

Friday 4/15 work w/ John Jaskolka on steps below Chatfield. Dinner @ S.G. diner.

Saturday 4/16 Fifteen of us went to chatfield shelter & moved rocks around most of the day. We did all the work John H. mentioned + added steps and a path from the shelter to the trail north.
The work we did @ summerfest 2002 combined with this worktrip have made the Chatfield area very nice.
Go visit when you have time.

Saturday nite pot luck was another feast & well received by the hungry workers.
Overnite low temps. were in the low 30's & High 20's.


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