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May 2005


May 2005 Work Trip

Atilla & Jim


ATILLA Crew: Wednesday - Saturday
1. Flagged relo south of Chestnut Ridge just prior to last years Konnarock
Work. About 200 yards. Poor Valley Section -- Checked out possible relo south
of 222 in wet area. There is nothing left to do with a relo. No solution
except to turnpike it. Possible USFS can deliver us 3 full dump truck loads of
decomposing shale from their quarry on the road in the area.
2. Put in 3 steps, 5 check dams between Beaver Dam 1 and I-81.
3. Rebuilt steps at Beaver Dam 1 and repaired approach step from the North
to the walkway and bridge.
4. Removed old nemesis - Hawthorne Eradication-South of Beaver Dam 1
5. Removed briars and roses from I-81 to Beaver Dam I, some sidehill work on
old trail.
6. Covered ATV behind Cumbow's in camouflage -- removal later for salvage
7. 300 feet of sidehill work behind Cumbow's on new relo and old AT on
approach to Beaver Dam II.
8. Cut selected sections of meadow south of 81 and N or 81
9. Removed tools from Sugar Grove and installed combination lock. Painted
inside with wood preservative -- so ATILLA will not sleep in it.

Knot Maul Crew:
10. We switched holes on the moldering privy, only using a leatherman screw
11. We cut up and buried the old privy, most went into the hole. We covered
the hole with 10' pine logs. There will be some settling over time.
12. We put in 2 rock water bars
13. We put in one earth water bar and ditch. I
14. We cut down two trees that were leaning on a larger tree.
15. Cut the overhanging branches on the lower end of the trail.
16. Cleaned out waterbars.

Swamp rat crew:

The Swamp Rat Crew changed into The North Fork of the Holston River Rats Saturday as they hauled gravel from the river to fill the trail from the stile, north to the road crossing.
Scouts, Scout masters & PATH workers entered the cold water to dig the gravel from a bar that was partiality blocking the channel. Others hauled & spread the gravel along the trail.
Meanwhile; Berry Hester was sidehillilg 300' of trail along his section, David & Martha worked @ Davis Path cemetary & weedeating @ 610 & Dean went to Chestnut.
Back at Stony Fork, Walt & Charlene had the camp all set up for the evening get together.
The five O'clock social hour started @ 4:00 as the workers gathered to unwind. Around 5:30, while counting heads, we came up one short.........Vaughan was missing!!!! In moments, Doc was up & on his way to find the missing blazer. They soon returned, Vaughan having hold up in the D.Q. working her X-word puzzle & waiting for her ride back to camp.
A festive time was had @ the pot luck dinner. Appetizers, Entrees & Deserts were plentiful.
Sitting around in our Lawn Chairs afterwards, stories of 40 years of PATH were the topic of conservation.

To be continued: June 14-19 @ Summerfest.......@ STONY FORK.............Y'all come.

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