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June 2005


Summerfest 2005/ June Work Trip

John Boy


Summerfest 4 was held at Stoney Fork Campground from June 15-19. The major project was the completion of the rock work on Garden Mountain that was begun last year in Summerfest 3. There were 27 workers who worked on the Summerfest project. We based at Stoney Fork. We ate our meals, socialized and slept at the campground. Each morning after breakfast the group headed to Garden Mountain-an hour trip, Our major job was to make the trail more accessible over the rocks. This was done by moving rocks and filling the trail with crushed rocks. Sometimes the trail was moved below the rocks. We worked on controlling the drainage problems on Garden Mountain by installing 21 waterbars or check dams. Some of these were made of logs, while others were made of rocks. We also put in rock steps. The 4.9 miles of trail was completely weedeated and lopped. A new AT sign was installed on the Va. 623 side.

Chief Big Jim Houck and his assistants--Fast Food Jeff Tysinger and the Old Man of the Mountain John Hartpence kept the crew well feed. Breakfast consisted on Sausages, Pancakes and Eggs any way that you wanted them prepared by Jeff. Each Morning the Old Man turned the coffee on at 5:30 am and had it ready for arrivals at 6am. Lunch was prepared by each worker to take with them on the trail. Supper was quite a treat. Fast Food Jeff was able to hook two 6 pound Salmon in the stream which we had on Thursday and Saturday night. Friday night we had Hamburgers and Chicken. On Saturday night we had Spaghetti also. Valerie Hurt, our dessert specialist, made Honey Muffins for Friday and Margaret Wainwright made Birthday Brownies for Saturday. These were used to celebrate the Old Man of the Mountains Birthday.
ATTILA the Great was able to keep all the workers on task. We were able to complete the whole project by Saturday afternoon. Other things that were done were-1. weed eating of the puncheons and trail from Va. 747 to Va. 610, 2. Weeding of the trail from US 11 to the stile at the top of the mountain, 3. Cleaning of the Spring at Walker Gap, and 4. Blazing the trail on sections of Garden Mountain.

Workers on the trip were:

Bill Boudman-7
Jim Houck-7
Betsy Truscott-7
John Hartpence-5
Margaret Wainwright and Mia-1
Paul Haag-1
Elliot Haag-1
Jeff Tysinger-4
Tom Dillon-3
Walter Trogdon-1
Bobby Bass-3
Chris Bracknell-2
Ken Pugh-3
Susan Andreatta-1
Dwight Levi-3
Andrew Mitchell-2
Mark Doty-2
Karl Kunkel-1
Steve Ferrell (Bluefield, W. Va.)-1
John Stout (Summerfield, NC) and 3 dogs-3
Paul Clayton-2
Marie Minor-2
David Emrey-1
Martha Emrey-1
David Hiscoe-1
Valerie Hurt-1
Dean Kanipe-1

Our next trail function will be the ATC Conference at Johnson City beginning on July 1. Konnarock will be July 14-18 at Poor Valley.

John Hartpence -Secretary

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