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July 2005


Konnarock Work Trip July 2005

Paul, Jim , and Atilla

Thanks again to those of you that braved the elements and came out to work. We did PATH proud. Once again Path and Konnarock accomplished a lot. Konnarock had a crew of 5 with two leaders and two PATH members on the crew. The weatherman did not tell any lies, it was wet. It rained whenever it felt like it.
Chef Jim did a spectacular job of cooking for everyone along with his expert assistants -- too numerous to count. You know how those couch workers are. Valerie out did her self and bringing a desert each day. Once again no one lost any weight.
When Attila left on Sunday Morning this is a partial of what had been accomplished:
18 water bars (locust)
8 Rock water bars
20 check dams (Locust)
3 rock Check dams
8 rock steps
2 locust steps
9 dips with a fan
2 stream crossings with steps
10 feet of cribbing along stream to hold stream off trial
80 feet of ditching to divert water
50 feet of trail moved to high ground away from stream bed in trail
3 cubic yards of crush and fill
Removal of a PUD- 1000 foot relo
7 water bars and check dams on lower section of trail
1 rock step and 3 log steps on road - 222
Those in Attendance:
Bill Boudman -5
Bill George - 5
Jim Houck - 6
Paul Haag - 5
Valerie Hurt - 2
Karl Kunkel -1
Steve Coombs - 2
Bill Sadler -5
John Jaskolka -5
David John -5
Harry Atkins - 5
Mark Doty - 2
Nancy Doty-2
Will Burke -2
Barb Burke -2
Charlene Davis 1
Walt Davis -1
Chris Bracknell - 3
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As of Sunday afternoon we finished all the K-rock work. They were going back Monday to complete the short relo and tidy up any odds and ends, also look for a lost bark scrapper. As Bill said it was wet, Bill missed the best downpour Sunday. Hard work was done by all, many thanks. New member Harry Adkins had a good orientation to PATH. We might get a new membership out of one or two of the K-rock crew. The large tent was a hit with everyone, kept us dry and allowed for a good cooking and eating space. A surprise to all of us that Attila brought along his neighbor to work, Bill George. He said Attila was a good neighbor but it sounded coached......

Thanks again to those who helped this past week on the trail and in Marion Days.

-Paul Haag

More work included :

1- rock water bar, 8- log water bars, 30' of sidehilling, 25' rock cribbing, 1 stream crossing with extensive rock work involved.
Re-lo = 415'.
Chris & Ronda were a big help thursday moving in & monday getting everything out and back to W-ville.
Thanks to Mark & Nancy for convincing me to "let them" do the dinner dishes saturday nite.
Bill Sadler gets the Early coffee award.
Thanks to David John & crew for breaking down the privi, mon. a.m.
The kitchen help re-invented egg curling. & the pancakes had berries.
A good work trip. The last 2 years work have really made this section a lot better.


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