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August 2005


August Work Trip


I know I have said it before but, A Good Time Was Had By All!!

We were able to cut the grass and remove the barb wire from the parking lot. We left the fence posts to keep vehicles from driving parking in the lower area. We also cut the grass near Tilsons Mill. David and Martha worked on the cemetery until they had machine failure. Walt clean up trail heads. We placed several steps in Poor Valley that did not get done during K-Rock. We had 4 workers up the hill from Olystery completing 250' of side hill, 8 drains and 3 water bars, working along side the thunder, lighting and rain. Through all this we had to smell the cooking chicken.

Steve Yonts brought around 8 neighbors to meet the club. Several asked how Gordon was doing. We ate the best chicken deal of the year with the Fire Department and about 100+ neighbors. Renee and I sat next the Sheriff and his deputy and had a good conversation. Most people we spoke with knew we existed but thought that we just hiked. We did our best to enlighten them. We met some great people and we are welcomed back next year.


Paul Haag 1
Renee Clark 1
Steve Yonts 1
Jim Houck 3
Susan Andreatte 2
Dale Vrchota 2
Harry Atkins 2
David and Martha Emery 2
Marv Kirkland 1
Hollyce Kirkland 1
Steve Coombs 2
Chris and Rhonda Bracknell 1 (report additional as needed)
David Hicks 1
Brian Nally 2
Ken Pugh 2
Will Merrit 1
Walt Davis 2
Charlene Davis 2
Laura Belleville 1


Amy Roberts and Mom
Marcia Cope
Grace Cope
Valerie Cope
Katie Floyd
Suzanna Floyd
Rabon Banks Jr

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