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September 2005


September Work Trip

Atilla and Paul Clayton


We had a very small work group but we did get quite a bit accomplished.
1. Keith Morgan led a group that officially opened the relo in Poor Valley going north.
They finished the last 20 feet, blazed the trail and closed off the old one.

2. Jeff Tysinger led a crew over to the Apple Orchard and Stile section of Trail off of US - 11 to clean water bars and cut the upper portion of the meadow which was totally overgrown.

3. Atilla led a group of well conditioned side hillers and step builders into battle with a yellow jacket nest under a stile South of Olystery. Walt Davis has great skill at finding hornet spay and arming himself in protective gear and taking care of the situation. After the initial retreat by the foreign forces (Atilla's warriors) - jumping off the stile and running for cover, and Walt taking care of the problem the group was able to side hill from the first stile to the 3rd stile. It was probably 500 to 600 yards of treadwork. Dwight Levi and Scott Freeman were assigned a simple task of burying a rock. They were so successful with the burial of one that they moved on and buried another. (Step building it is called) Glad Slave was not there to inform them.

4. Martha & David Emrey went to the river near the mill and work on Hawthorn and Briar removal.

Lots of thanks go out to Keith Morgan and Will Burke for coming up early and going to the areas to work on for Saturday. Thanks Marcia for opening your place up again for the Saturday night meal and entertainment.

General report on trail conditions from hikers was great. Two negative report. Apple orchard near cumbows and trail intersection of Chestnut ridge and wood was overgrown. Both matters will be taken care of quickly.
DAIRY QUEEN on US - 11 is closed again.

Those attending:
Bill Boudman - 3
Aubrey Arrington - 1
Tom Dillon - 1
Valerie Hurt - 1
Marvin Kirkland - 1
Hollyce Kirkland - 1
Barb Burke -2
Will Burke - 2
Dan Kohn - 1
Dwight Levi - 1
Keith Morgan - 2
David & Martha Emrey - 1 each
Jeff Tysinger - 1
Charlene & Walt Davis - 2 each
Scott Freeman - 1
Mark Stanley - 1
Betsy Truscott


Paul Clayton-

Marie, her friend Kate and I worked on the Trail Boss Saturday. We cut
brush along the uphill side and raked the trail out level. Over the
last few
months we have made a lot of progress on the Trail Boss but it still
some work.

Saturday night a group of PATH workers met at Marcia's for dinner. The
centerpiece was a magnificent pork roast that Walt and Charlene
brought. As
always, everyone found plenty to eat.

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