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October 2005


October Work trip


Better late than never. The good news is we had a fun time. The bad news is that USFS has given us until Dec. 31 to be out of Wytheville. Do not ask where we are moving to. Come with concrete ideas and places at the November meeting and be prepared to have a moving trip in November or December.
The following work was completed this trip.
1. Atilla scouted and took pictures of the horse activity at Walker Gap. Dean definitely needs to paint some blazes from Gap to Shelter and clean out some water bars.
2. Atilla, Harry and Will scouted and surveyed from O'lystery to Poor Valley. Atilla went in the short cut and took pictures of the new USFS gate and the new tank traps. All which we did not know was being done. Upon further clarification the culprit was found to be the USFS which proved to be more efficient than we wanted. We had hoped to get the bridge material in before it was made Wilderness.
3. Atilla, Harry and Will put in two new posts in the meadow south of 610. I dare a hiker to tell me know that he cannot find the stile in the meadow.
4. Atilla and gang discovered that the meadow N side of 610 is no longer being grazed so the grass and weeds are shoulder height. USFS will mow it from now on or find someone who wants to hay it.
5. Danny and Leah Shields go in on 622 and install several water bars N of 610.
6. Will & Will and gang are sent in to 644 to put in drainage ditch S of steps S of Chatfield Shelter. They also install water bars and do about 70 - 100 feet of side hill in the rhododendron. Worked in this area both Friday and Saturday.
7. Keith Morgan and Wife sent in S of 86 to find cut water bar material from last year. Remember Clint said they were too heavy for the gulag gang of eleven to handle. He was RIGHT!. Atilla leaves his hammock just in time to make meeting at Konnarock and leaves his workers JILTED. Keith and a crew finish the work detail on Saturday in time to return to camp around 1 PM and have cocktails.
8. Atilla and Paul (arriving early - still have to go to work), attend meeting with NRV, MRNRA, and ATC.
9. ATILLA, David and Doc go hammock site hunting in Crawfish Valley on the first day of bow hunting season. Of course no one has blaze orange. Future site of Summerfest activity. Possibly this June if Bridge and materials are not ready. Bridge will be constructed March and April at Konnarock and pre assembled. USFS will deliver material to work site at knot maul creek.
10. Paul and Teresa check out the Winery as possible storage site.
11. Harry and the gang of gulags checked out 670 to Partnership on Saturday and gave loving ATILLA a beautiful report. On Sunday they checked out 617 to 42 and did a report.
Last March of 2004 ATC monitored 3 of our sections for trail assessment. One was Garden Mt, Davis Path to 610 and Partnership to 644. We have completed the work on Garden Mt. lack to sites from Partnership to 644 and have about a half mile of work on the N side of Gullion which may be done this June.
The following individuals participated on the work trip.
Mark Stanley - could not find the crew leader - 1
Bill Boudman - 4
Harry Atkins - 4
Michelle Pruit -3
Keith Morgan - 2
Karen Morgan - 2
Dan Kohn - 1
Will Merritt - 2
Barbara Council - 1
Paul Haag - 1
David John - 1
Leah & Danny Shields - 2
Tom Dillon - Could not find him
Steve Coombs - 1
Chris Bracknell - 2
Will Burke - 2
Doc Branham - 2
Steve Yonts - 4
Aubrey Arrington - 1

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